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Do you need to know if you have, or may have COVID-19 and then what should you do?

This 2 minute COVID test gathers the important facts about you and your symptoms and gives you the answers!

What is your risk?

What should you do?

What action should you take?

All of these questions are answered right here and the test only takes 2 minutes!!!

This service has been fully funded by the Mackay GP Superclinic Group, been developed by its experienced specialists and community doctors and provided as a FREE service for the benefit of the community. It is relevant to Australians, so has Australian standards, contacts and emergency numbers.

For patients who want or need our personal support, we also provide the option to contact us directly and our COVID doctors can provide telephone advice and/or arrange for further testing or care as per the Australian guidelines.

This test still works globally and will provide you with a risk profile and advice on the action that is needed.  Accessing medical systems in other countries will be different from Australia so you will need to adjust your actions to account for that.

This test can be used progressively through any respiratory illness and the actions recommended change as your condition deteriorates or improves.  Use the test repeatedly so that when action is needed, the test will give you that information.

PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS SO EVERYONE CAN STAY SAFE (and take the correct action when necessary.)

It may just save their life….

Created by:

Dr John McIntosh

Dr Peyman Pari Zanganeh

Note :

  1. De-identification: This is a completely de-identified test so we do not know who you are. We request your telephone number so we can perform research to test the effectiveness of this process but this will never be used for marketing.
  2. Medical Consultation Requests: If you request a doctor’s consultation, you will be asked personal information and this will only be accessed at the practice level and by the doctors. This is to allow accurate medical advice to be given to you personally and will also be without a personal charge for Australians with Medicare.
  3. Data Protection: There are no third-party partners or access to your personal information and any consult information will only be kept on medical software with the full Australian standards of data protection and will remain confidential.